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10 Reasons – Live @ The Cavern

By July 10, 2014News



The Marc Kenny Band and Jade Gallagher

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Since their schoolyard years, Liverpool friends Paul Garrett, John Owens and Steven Burke have been in bands together, in one guise or another. In 2004 they started a project called ’10 Reasons to Live’.

Initially the name of an album, and then by default, their new band, the trio, accompanied by another singer began touring under the name ’10 Reasons to Live’. They played up and down the country, supporting artists such as Bryan Adams on stadium tours and winning supporters nationwide.
In 2009, they felt they really came into their own when long-time friend and one-time multi-million selling recording artist Ste McNally (formerly of chart sensations BBMak, whose single ‘Back Here’ in late 2000 spent 24 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, debuting at number 5 in the UK top 10 the following year) took the lead singer position in the band. As the friends matured, so had the sound, and what was a poppy guitar sound accompanied by carefree lyrics packed with swagger had become a more melodic, accomplished, polished production, professional in every way.
In 2012, Fox Soccer in the USA commissioned a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary called ‘Being Liverpool’ which followed Liverpool Football Club behind the scenes on their pre-season in North America in July 2012 and the build up to their 2012–13 season in the Premier League. Several tracks from 10 Reasons to Live’s album ‘City Life’ were used as part of the supporting soundtrack. The show was broadcast not only on Fox Soccer, but on Sportsnet in Canada and on Channel 5 here in the UK.

Now, in 2014, the band feels that it’s time to pay back the people who are still around supporting them – both personally and professionally. The follow up to ‘City Life’ is called ‘Universal’ – as in, ‘music for everyone’ and after a careful quiet rebranding the group now known as simply ’10 Reasons’ want to show off this new music in the one venue that will always find a slot in their schedule for them – The Cavern Club on Mathew Street.

Lead singer Ste McNally says “We know there is a certain other band that, for the majority of people around the world, will be forever associated with the Cavern. But for us, as 10 Reasons, we’ll forever associate the Cavern with being the place that would always support us, no matter what. We feel at home here and so do the people who come to see us play. We can’t think of any place we’d rather be, and we hope all of our regulars, plus the newcomers we’ve collected online, will make the trip to see us for our 10 year anniversary gig.”
10 Reasons are: Ste McNally, vocals; Paul Garrett, rhythm guitar; Johno Owens; bass; Ste Burke, lead guitar and Craig Smith, drums. They introduce their new album ‘Universal’ featuring the single ‘Pushing Me On’ at the World Famous Cavern Club.

10 Mathew St, Liverpool, Merseyside L2 6RE


Pushing Me On

Marc Kenny on Youtube

Jade Gallagher on Youtube

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